Why hello there, world!

22 Mar

So, what is this blog about?  On this blog, I will share interviews with fabulous, interesting career women.  I know I, personally, want to know about the types of jobs other gals out there are doing.  In order to ask personal questions without being rude or creepy, I’m using this blog as an excuse!  Also, I figure other people out there might be curious.

My plan is to keep the interviewees anonymous, so if any ladies feel the need to vent about crazy co-workers, they can feel free to do so.


What about me?  I graduated from grad school last year and haven’t been able to lock down a full-time job.  I’ve done contract work, temping, part-time jobs and volunteering but I’ve yet to find that one, serious, full-time job.


How are the other fabu ladies out there making ends meet?  Let’s find out!




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